SBX 4024-00 24 button speakerphone

SBX 4024-00 24 button speakerphone


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The SBX integrates smoothly with existing analog, T1/PRI, or SIP trunks so you can deploy the cost-savings benefits of VoIP immediately, or migrate at your own pace. It also supports a variety of endpoints – including analog, digital and IP phones – as well as softphones for mobile users.

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Vertical SBX IP 4024-00 24 button speakerphone, charcoal gray. This endpoint can be used on either the MBX IP or SBX IP communications systems. Some of the features of this endpoint when installed on a SBX IP system include:

Account Codes
All Call Page
Attendant Assignment
Automated Attendant
Automatic Privacy
Automatic Redial
Background Music
Baud Rate
Blind Call Transfer
Call Back
Call Coverage
Call Forward
Call Forward Preset
Call Park
Call Screening
Caller ID
Camp On
Centrex/PBX Compatible
Class of Service
CO Line Groups
CO Line ID
CO Line Preset Forward
CO Queuing
CTI (EzPhone)
Conferencing (15 parties)
Consultative Call Transfer
Database Admin (Phone/PC)
Day/Night COS
Direct Transfer Mode
Directed Call Pickup
Distinctive Ring
Do Not Disturb
Door Box
Executive Override
Fax Transfer
Flexible Button Assignment
Group Call Pickup
Group Listening
Headset Mode
Hot Desk
Headset Mode
Hot Desk
Hot Keypad
Hot Line
Hunt Groups
Hybrid Ports
IP Stations
IP Trunking (SIP)
Last Number Redial
Least Cost Routing
Linked Pair
Message Wait
Mobile Extension
Name in Display
Night Service
Off-Hook Voice Announce
One-Touch Recording
Park & Page
Personal Messages
Personal Operator
Preferred Line Answer
Privacy Release
Private Line
Ring Tones (15)
Saved Number Redial
SMS Messaging (via EzPhone)
Speakerphone (Station/System)
Speed Dial
Station Lock
Station Message Detail
Recording (SMDR)
Station Relocation
T1/PRI Support
Tenant Groups
Toll Restriction
Traffic Reports
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
Universal Day/Night Answer
Voice Mail Record
Voice Mail to Email Notification
Wake-Up Reminder

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SBX 4024-00